The simplest, most easy-to-use palletizing solution on the market.

No, No, No...

No programming,
No calibration,
No technical skills

STACKiT, combined with embedded skewed conveyor, eliminates the need for programming and for calibration.

Result: no technical skills relied to robotics is needed to operate the PALTZ palletizing work cell.



Five easy steps


Roll the work cell in place and hook to 115V inlet.


Power up the unit.


Create your product.


Let the automatic pallet pattern generator create the stacking strategy.




Presense Monitor

To confirm the presence of the case to be picked and activate the singulating gate.

Infeed skewed conveyor

Angled rollers drive the case directly to the pick point.

5 area scanners

Security perimeter is delimited by 5 vertical area scanners to create the smallest secured footprint.

Pallet detection

Robust pallet detection mechanism with dome light to indicate system status.

  • Red = no pallet detected
  • Green = pallet detected
  • Yellow = completed pallet to be replaced


PALTZ work cell can be moved easily thanks to its 4 robust casters. It can also be moved using pallet truck or forklift.

Automatic Pallet Pattern Generator

Input the 3 dimensions of the case along with the quantity of layers and our unique tool will generate various pattern options. You then select your preferred and you are ready to palletize. No pick point or drop point to program, everything is automatically configured. 

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Make a reservation to connect with us on a private e-meeting directly from our show room. We will run you through a complete palletizing session using PALTZ demo units and we will answer all your questions.

We can either use our own demo cases or yours; simply ship us a bundle of cases and we will get them erected and filled up with the right amount of weight for the demo.

We organize road trips where we visit customers onsite and palletize directly in the customer plant using a PALTZ unit.

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