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Optamate™ is a leading US-based Value-Added Distributor of Industrial Automation Technology and Smart Wearable Devices.

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No-Code 7-Axis Industrial Cobots
"All-In-One" Palletizing Work Cells
Passive/Powered Exoskeletons

Optamate™ your Palletizing Process with PALTZ from BeRobox

PALTZ is an all-in-one complete palletizing work cell for your collaborative stacking needs. This system uses industry-leading STACKiT software that allows for automatic pallet pattern generation.

No programming, no calibration, and no technical skills to operate

Portable cells that can easily be moved from line-to-line (30-minute setup) 

Up to 77lb lifting capacity (including EoAT) and 105" stack height

Optamate™ Machine Tending with No-Code Collaborative Robots from Productive Robotics

Easily set up and integrate with nearly any machine in your facility. The OB7's flexibility and versatility yield a much higher ROI than stationary robots that must be extensively programmed for use with one piece of equipment.

Designed and Manufactured in the USA

Costs less than $5/hour (40 hours/week) or $2.50/hour (80 hours/week)

7-Axis Extreme Maneuverability unmatched by any 6 axis robot

Fast and simple installation - as little as a few hours

Optamate™ Bending & Lifts with Passive ExoSuits from HeroWear

The Apex 2 is a lightweight (< 2.8 lbs) back-assist exosuit that combines the power of science with a focus on comfort, resulting in unparalleled protection and wearability. The suit’s assistance reduces muscle fatigue and strain, giving hard-working men and women more energy on the job and a better quality of life away from work.

Reduces muscle fatigue and strain by up to 40% and takes off 100 lbs of back strain with every lift.

Slim and flexible design moves with a user’s body naturally – giving you the freedom to maneuver through a wide range of tasks and even in tight spaces.

Reduces risk of injuries + absenteeism, while improving company culture

Maximize the value of your technology investment with our value-add services.

Making sure you buy the RIGHT technology is our #1 priority. Our experienced team of Application Specialists & Engineers are here to support you throughout your evaluation process to make sure the technology platform we recommend is perfectly suited for your application.

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